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Project and website background

The NT Gardens site was set up by Dr Andy Hume as part of a research project with the Menzies School of Health Research.  The project was funded through a General Practice Education and Training Academic Post and has enabled Andy to investigate and promote remote Aboriginal food gardens across the top end of the Northern Territory.

Remote Communities

Remote Aboriginal communities suffer from high fresh fruit and vegetable prices and poor quality and availability when compared to urban centres.  The burden of lifestyle disease in Aboriginal communities is large.  Growing fruit and vegetables in communities is one way to increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, to improve nutrition, and to help impact on this disease burden.  Through changing local diets, remote horticulture has the potential to reduce the life expectancy gap between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal Australians.

Gardens outside the top end 

For more information about Remote Indigenous Gardens across the country, see the RIG website, with frequent news updates and information.


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